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Online Tutoring - The Next Trend of Private Tutoring

Online Tutoring

What is online tutoring?
Online tutoring is the process of tutoring that is conducted in an online or networked environment. Online tutor (also called E-tutors) is there to support students with their studies, homework, assignments or revision etc despite different time and space.

Why use an online tutoring service?
There are quite a number of difficulties that tutors and students need to overcome to have tuition at tuition centres or have one-to-one home tuition. For example, schedules clash, matching personality between tutors and students, traffic problems in Malaysia are usually the main reasons why students can rarely have tuitions after school. An online tutor offers accommodations to fit you or your child's unique needs.

How does online tutoring work?
As long as you have a stable internet connection, a PC/laptop installed with Skype, you can start to have online tutoring now! Of course, not every tutor uses the same applications or tools to conduct online tuition. We usually advise tutors to communicate with students using Skype because a good communicating skill is crucial to an outstanding learning experience.
We advised our tutors to use a whiteboard that is one of the most important tools to conduct online tuition. A whiteboard is a virtual space where students and tutors can interact together to work on problems in real time. Some tutors also offer video chat/audio chat where face-to-face interactions occur or a private message board for chatting. Both of those features help enhance student learning with easy and open ways to communicate, making learning even easier.

Advantages of online tutoring

• Save travel time
Of 10 years of working with students, we never see students as busy as they are now, that actually appears to be the biggest challenges coordinating tuitions. Because Skype can be accessed from anywhere, students can learn from anywhere with a laptop with them.

• Save money
It is more expensive to hire a private home tutor because tutor spends their time and transportation to be with their students physically. 

• Simple and easy
Invention of technology makes it all simple. Skype is a simple application to download and to use. You can share your desktops and files, so tutors can monitor your tuition activity throughout.

• More comfortable to study in an online, networked experience
We totally understand that some students find it more comfortable to study in a virtual environment. Some students are able to focus more and take it more seriously when it comes to online tutoring. Students can even study in a more comfortable environment, with pyjamas on and a cup of coffee right in front!

• Time convenient
You can study at anytime as long as you have arranged with your tutor

• Personalised to you
Every session is one-to-one and personalised to your subject and question. One of the advantages of using online tutoring is students with special cases, those with unique learning styles can learn effectively.

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